What is The Shield?

In America, a traffic stop can be a dangerous situation, especially when you’re a person of color. USHIELDME would like to announce their new and innovative product called ‘The Shield’, and it may just save your life.

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Standard traffic stop buddy device

The Shield

Thin vinyl magnetic vehicle information holder

$9.99 plus shipping

Premium traffic stop buddy device

The Shield Elite

Faux leather magnetic vehicle information holder

$19.99 plus shipping

What does it come with?

Each product comes with a rain-guard and an optional badge.

Rain-guards are a sealable plastic pouch used to protect your info from the rain.

Badges are 2 x 2 inch weather resistant metal stickers for fiberglass and aluminum cars. (Note when you purchase for this option)

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How to get a FREE Shield

Each month we will give away one of The Shields to a lucky admirer. All you have to do is complete the form below and include your last traffic stop experience in the message. THAT’S IT!!! This raffle is sponsored by Tommy Sotomayor and #Sotonation.

P.S. Don’t forget to support https://www.afatherlessamerica.com/ if you’d like to help shed light on another serious problem in America, Fatherless homes.

    What are people saying

    General Seti

    Black Historian

    General Seti is a nationally known black history scholar.  He’s known for his unorthodox style of teaching and his anti establishment views, that can be found on YouTube.

    FREE Bison

    Vegan Rapper

    FREE Bison is a vegan rapper based out of Miami Florida. He’s is cofounder of the world’s first all vegan art collective ‘The Bison Movement’.

    AG Almighty

    Hip Hop Artist

    When Ace Hood said “Free my nigga AG!”, in his hit song Hustle Hard this is who he was speaking of. Now free he is one of the hottest artist in the south.

    Did you know?

    If you are a person and you live in the United States, did you know that you are 8 times more likely to be killed by police than terrorist?

    Still not convinced?

    The Shield is an automotive information pouch that stores vehicle information in one place, making it easy to interact with the law enforcement officer during a stop. The Shield eliminates the need for a user to search for vehicle information; it’s already there even before the officer exit their vehicle. The Shield is designed to not just make it easy to present vehicle information, but also to save lives.

    About Us

    UShieldMe’s mission is to provide a universal peace of mind during your next traffic stop. Peace of mind is something that we all deserve regardless of race, color, creed, or occupation. We at UShieldMe feel that a routine traffic stop should not be the exception. Instead a traffic stop should be fast but most of all safe for everyone involved in the process.


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    Warranty Info

    We do offer a limited lifetime warranty on The Shield and The Shield Elite for what we consider normal wear and tear. We do not warranty the accessories that comes with them. You will be responsible for shipping.